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Upcoming events

    • 01 Feb 2019
    • 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    • Innovation Park, 945 Princess Street, Kingston
    The SWITCH Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be on Friday, February 1, 2019 at Innovation Park. Further information and documents will be posted on the SWITCH AGM page.

    The AGM provides SWITCH members with the opportunity to vote on new board members and by-law changes. There will also be reports from the SWITCH President and Treasurer and, of course, plenty of opportunities to exchange news and network.

    Election of Board of Directors:

    The election of three people to the SWITCH Board of Directors will take place at the AGM.

    According to the SWITCH By-Laws, the SWITCH Board of Directors must consist of "at least two, but not more than four directors" elected under each of the following categories: 
    • Education/Research
    • Government/Utility
    • Private Business/Resident
    And one director elected under the category of:
    • Student
    This means that, for the February 1, 2019 election, SWITCH members will elect:
    • One Board Member from 'Education/Research'
    • One Student Board Member
    • Two Board Members from any of the following:
      • Education/Research
      • Government/Utility
      • Private Business/Resident

    Are you interested in joining the SWITCH Board of Directors?

    Just visit our "Call for Director Nominations" page to fill out our nomination form, and submit it to the SWITCH Office by January 21, 2019.

    Please consider standing for election or nominating someone to help lead SWITCH at this important time in the evolution of our sustainable energy economy.

    • 01 Mar 2019
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Innovation Park (945 Princess Street)

    Join Kingston's sustainable energy community at this free meeting featuring a presentation by a sustainable energy expert, introductions, sector news, networking, and refreshments.

    Presenter:  Christa Wallbridge, The Power Collective.  

    Christa Wallbridge is the CEO and President of The Power Collective Inc. (TPC), a Canadian green technology company located in Kingston, Ontario. TPC is focussed on providing affordable renewable energy solutions that benefit communities and effectively protect the environment. Currently, TPC manufactures the patented and award-winning RidgeBlade micro wind turbine system.

    The Power Collective Inc. (TPC) is a Canadian green technology company manufacturing the patented and award-winning technology RidgeBlade®, an unique micro-generation wind turbine for residential and commercial rooftops offering a simple and effective way for harnessing wind power.


    The RidgeBlade® Wind Turbine is an innovative, simple and effective way of harnessing wind power to produce electricity.

    The RidgeBlade® adopts an entirely new design philosophy and addresses many of the drawbacks associated with Solar PV and traditional wind turbines.

    Efficient in low to high wind speeds and able to operate bidirectionally in turbulent air environments, the system is safe from over-speeding in storms, is quiet and vibration-free, and lies low along the roof ridge for low visual impact. A wind-solar hybrid system has been designed for use on flat-roofed buildings for an optimal 24-hour a day power generation solution. Both systems can be used in grid-tied, off-grid, and micro-grid configurations.

    More information on The Power Collective.

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Past events

11 Jan 2019 Canada Green Building Council, Kim Bouffard, CaGBC, Friday, January 11, 2019 SWITCH Open Meeting
07 Dec 2018 Tim Babcock, Friday, December 7, 2018 SWITCH Open Meeting
02 Nov 2018 Gary Michor, Screaming Power Building, Friday, November 2, 2018 SWITCH Open Meeting
05 Oct 2018 The Opportunity for Marine Energy in Canada, VENNDesign October 2018 SWITCH Open Meeting
07 Sep 2018 Steve Lapp KTECH Building Solutions September 2018 SWITCH Open Meeting
06 Jul 2018 July 2018 SWITCH Open Meeting, Ted Hsu Post-election debrief, Sustainable Energy.
01 Jun 2018 Rob Miller June 2018 SWITCH Open Meeting
04 May 2018 Fat Chance Farmstead 2018 SWITCH Open Meeting
06 Apr 2018 Filament Energy: April 2018 SWITCH Open Meeting
02 Mar 2018 XERGY Energy: March 2018 SWITCH Open Meeting
02 Feb 2018 2018 SWITCH AGM and Board Election
05 Jan 2018 CeraPaint: January 2018 SWITCH Open Meeting
01 Dec 2017 The biggest off-grid installation in Ontario?: December 2017 SWITCH Open Meeting
03 Nov 2017 Plug 'n Drive: November 2017 SWITCH Open Meeting
19 Oct 2017 Managing Energy 2017
06 Oct 2017 Friendly Fires and Tesla Powerwall: October 2017 SWITCH Open Meeting
08 Sep 2017 GreenStory: September 2017 SWITCH Open Meeting
07 Jul 2017 Net Zero Homes: July 2017 SWITCH Open Meeting
02 Jun 2017 Kingston, Canada and Climate Change: June 2017 SWITCH Open Meeting
05 May 2017 Farming Off the Grid: May 2017 SWITCH Open Meeting
25 Apr 2017 Special Event: Virtual Net Metering webinar replay
07 Apr 2017 SWITCH Open Meeting
03 Mar 2017 2017 SWITCH AGM and Board Election
03 Feb 2017 SWITCH Open Meeting
13 Jan 2017 SWITCH Open Meeting in January
04 Nov 2016 SWITCH Open Meeting
07 Oct 2016 SWITCH Open Meeting
03 Oct 2016 Managing Energy 2016
09 Sep 2016 SWITCH Open Meeting
08 Jul 2016 SWITCH Open Meeting
22 Jun 2016 Carbon Pricing Is Here: Is Your Business Ready? Assessing Cap & Trade Costs, Risks, And Opportunities
03 Jun 2016 SWITCH Open Meeting
06 May 2016 SWITCH Open Meeting
01 Apr 2016 SWITCH Open Meeting
21 Mar 2016 GreenProfit Conference 2016
04 Mar 2016 SWITCH Open Meeting
05 Feb 2016 SWITCH Open Meeting
15 Jan 2016 SWITCH Annual General Meeting
14 Dec 2015 SWITCH / Sustainable Kingston Holiday Mixer
06 Nov 2015 SWITCH Open Meeting
05 Oct 2015 Managing Energy 2015
02 Oct 2015 SWITCH Open Meeting
04 Sep 2015 SWITCH Open Meeting
10 Jul 2015 SWITCH Open Meeting
05 Jun 2015 SWITCH Open Meeting
01 May 2015 SWITCH Open Meeting
10 Apr 2015 SWITCH Open Meeting
30 Mar 2015 GreenProfit Conference 2015
28 Mar 2015 Earth Hour: Kingston Unplugged
06 Mar 2015 SWITCH Open Meeting
06 Feb 2015 SWITCH Open Meeting
16 Jan 2015 SWITCH Annual General Meeting
22 Dec 2014 SWITCH / Sustainable Kingston Holiday Mixer
07 Nov 2014 SWITCH Open Meeting
06 Oct 2014 Managing Energy 2014
03 Oct 2014 SWITCH Open Meeting
05 Sep 2014 SWITCH Open Meeting
04 Jul 2014 SWITCH Open Meeting
09 Jun 2014 Ontario Energy Drinks - Kingston
06 Jun 2014 SWITCH Open Meeting
28 May 2014 Provincial Candidates Debate - Sustainability Focus
02 May 2014 SWITCH Open Meeting
04 Apr 2014 SWITCH Open Meeting
29 Mar 2014 Earth Hour - Kingston Unplugged
24 Mar 2014 GreenProfit Symposium presented by SWITCH and SEARC
07 Mar 2014 SWITCH Open Meeting
11 Feb 2014 Large Renewable Procurement Input Session
07 Feb 2014 SWITCH Open Meeting
17 Jan 2014 SWITCH Annual General Meeting
06 Dec 2013 SWITCH Open Meeting
01 Nov 2013 SWITCH Open Meeting
04 Oct 2013 SWITCH Open Meeting
24 Sep 2013 Green Building: Benefits and Opportunities For Growth
06 Sep 2013 SWITCH Open Meeting
05 Jul 2013 SWITCH Open Meeting
07 Jun 2013 SWITCH Open Meeting
04 May 2013 Sunflower Farm Sustainability Workshop
03 May 2013 SWITCH Open Meeting
20 Apr 2013 Sustainable Kingston Community Forum
12 Apr 2013 SWITCH Open Meeting

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